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Gabriele Spiri

RE/generation Gabriele Spiri

RE/generation Gabriele SpiriRE/generation
Gabriele Spiri
English, Italian


4 pages
150 x 190 mm
c. 2019
ISBN Not Available


RE/generation is a small self-published photobook with accompanying text. It briefly tells the story of a national railway maintenance depot that was turned into an artist space in protest after the closure of the space in 2013. Spiri’s examination of the space known as OZ (Officine Zero) takes a look at the social impact of architecture and regeneration of disused architectural space and urban territories.

About the Artist
Gabriele Spiri (b. 1981, Gagliano del Capo) is an Italian artist. Spiri studied business administration at Bocconi University before co-founding the cultural organisation Bioforme, a school dedicated to artistic carpentry. Afterwards, Spiri completed a Master’s in photography. His photography focuses on social issues.
(source: blurb)

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