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Prudence and the Game of Golf
Abigail O’Brien

Prudence and the Game of Golf Abigail O'Brien

Prudence and the Game of Golf Abigail O'BrienPrudence and the Game of Golf
Abigail O’Brien
Highlanes Gallery

Text by Patrick T. Murphy  and Michelle Doyle.


Edition of 250
79 pages
300 x 220 mm
ISBN 1903875855


Prudence and the Game of Golf is a photobook of works by artist Abigail O’Brien RHA. The third exploration of The Natural Virtues to which Temperance, 2009 and Fortitude, 2005 contributed the opening chapters; Prudence, Justice, Temperance, and Fortitude. These are the hinges on which moral virtues were said to depend; “they govern our actions, order our passions, and guide our con- duct according to faith and reason”. The virtues can be achieved through human effort – they are therefore valid, attainable and worthy. This series combines photography and sculpture into a moulded environment exploring themes that transcend an eighteen-hole game of golf.

About the Artist
Abigail O’Brien, PHRA, is a contemporary Irish artist and the first female president of the Royal Hibernian Academy since its establishment in 1823. O’Brien’s work explores themes such as ritual and rites of passage, and the domestic realm. Her work employs many media including Photography, Sculpture, Video, Sound and hand-made embroidered objects.

About the Publisher
Highlanes Gallery is a public art gallery and visual arts exhibition centre in Drogheda, Ireland.The gallery opened its doors on October 4, 2006 and was the culmination of many years planning to deliver a dedicated visual arts space for the Irish north east region, of an International standard in terms of design, management and environmental control.