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Photonet +07

Photonet +07Photonet +07
Noh Suntag
Korean, English


22 pages
210 x 300 mm
ISSN Not Available


Photonet+ are the series of photo magazines MONTHLY PHOTONET’s supplement which had published from September 2008 to July 2010 of “In Search of Korean Contemporary Photography”.
(source not available online)

About the Artist
Noh Suntag (b. 1971) produces photographs that detail real-life situations directly related to the division of Korea. He shows how deeply the division has permeated the daily lives of the Korean people and has thus distorted the entire society. After beginning his career as a documentary photojournalist, Noh has published many books of photography: Fragrance of the Division (2005); Strange Ball (2006), Red Frame (2007), State of Emergency (2008), Good, Murder (2010), Hear the Song of Gureombi (2011), The Forgetting Machine (2012) and Looking for the Lost Thermos (2013). The overall theme penetrating all of these works is how the division “functions through malfunctioning.” Noh uses his photography to explore how images related to the division ideology are distributed and consumed in Korean society.

About the Magazine
Photonet is a South-Korean photography magazine.

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