Eirik Johnson

Pine, Eirik Johnson

Pine, Eirik Johnson Pine
Eirik Johnson
Minor Matters

With 12-inch vinyl and digital download
80 pages
325 x 325 mm
ISBN 9781732124134


Over the last few years photographer Eirik Johnson has scouted trees of all environs, looking for human traces upon them, and musing on the (often) adolescent emotions and explorations that lead to poignant sentiments recorded within a living surface. 

Johnson envisioned and realized a sonic set of reflections to accompany his photographs, revisiting his own history as a musician and bringing in a varied group of collaborators who responded to the photographs with their compositions and recordings.

About the Artist 
Photographic artist Eirik Johnson (b. 1974) makes work examining the intersections of contemporary environmental, social, and economic issues both in America and abroad. Employing various modes of presentation from photobooks to experiential photo and sound-based installation, Johnson’s photographic projects explore the marks and connections formed in the friction of this complicated relationship. Johnson received his BFA and BA from the University of Washington, Seattle.

About the Publisher
Founded in 2013, Minor Matters is a collaborative publishing platform, making books through the engagement of our international audience. We highlight underrepresented voices in contemporary art, and preserve our present for the future through publishing their work. At Minor Matters, we recognize that significant art and ideas may stay on the fringes without the support of a community. Like us. With you. Everyone who buys our books in pre-sales is listed as a co-publisher—we’re making books together.

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