My Favorite 21, Koji Onaka

My Favorite 21
Koji Onaka

My Favorite 21, Koji Onaka

My Favorite 21
Koji Onaka
Zen Photo Gallery
English and Japanese


56 pages
220 x 170 mm
ISBN 9784905453253


“Two years ago I heard that Kodak were to stop production of my favorite paper. Sophie Boursat managed to secure 100 sheets for me from Paris and so I had to consider what to print with it. There are some more recent photographs, but I particularly wanted to reprint some of the old Hysteric series. The early ones are photographs taken around 2000”.

About the Artist 
Koji Onaka was born in 1960 in Fukuoka, Japan. He graduated from Tokyo Photograph College (present name/Tokyo Visual Arts).

About the Publisher
Zen Foto Gallery was established in September 2009 in Tokyo by Mark Pearson, specializing in Asian photography. We aim to show interesting, experimental exhibitions and publish limited edition photography books accompanying most of our exhibitions to introduce stimulating works that would otherwise be rarely seen. In all we hope to provide an international platform for greater appreciation of contemporary and historical works of Asian photography.





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