Imprint: Visual Narratives in Books and Beyond
Various Artists

ImprintImprint: Visual Narratives in Books and Beyond
Art and Theory Publishing
English and Swedish


Edited by Hans Hedberg, Tyrone Martinsson, Gunilla Knape and Louise Wolthers.

Texts by Gerry Badger, David Bate, Bettina Lockemann and Michael Mack.


223 Pages
170 x 220 mm


ISBN 9789198087444


In times when cameras are ubiquitous and the general public is experimenting with the narrative possibilities of photography more than ever before, a survey of the current status and potential of the photobook is highly relevant. Not only does the photobook constitute an alternative means of display to gallery exhibitions, the book format also challenges the medium’s instantaneousness, and allows for an exploration of the language of photography. Books have been key to the distribution of avant-garde conceptual photography, as well as social documentary and political statements. But what is the status of the photobook today? Is it primarily a mainstream medium, a collector’s item, or a platform for artistic experiments? Imprint is a collection of essays that delve into current practices and address the phenomenological, technological, and aesthetic possibilities for communicating through photobooks, both printed and digital.

About the Publisher
Art and Theory Publishing is dedicated to publishing books with artists, writers, curators, cultural institutions, architects, designers, photographers and fashion designers. They also publish artist’s monographs, special editions and ephemera. The imprint Art and Theory Pocket is for text-based publications, titles share an overarching design, and include artist’s writing, criticism and theory. Art and Theory Publishing is based in Stockholm, and was established in 2012 by Anna Eriksson. Since 2019 its director is artist Anna Kleberg Tham.


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