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Photobook Design
Chung Byoung-kyoo

Photobook Design, Chung Byoung-kyoo

Photobook Design
Chung Byoung-kyo
Aprilsnow Press
Korean, English


First Edition of 1000
508 pages
165 x 234 mm
ISBN 9791189478063


Chung Byoung-kyoo Photobook Design is a project that compiled 31 photobooks designed  by the first-generation Korean book designer Chung Byoung-kyoo from the 1980s to the early 2010s. The book, which is the first book by Chung Byoung-kyoo, traces Chung’s words and thoughts on design through the medium photobook. For Chung, the ‘photobook’ was the core of his book design, and was a medium that allowed him to demonstrate his overall capabilities as a book designer.

Other than that, Chung Byoung-kyoo Photobook Design itself is a historiographical trial in terms of the history of Korean book design. The book clearly shows how an individual in the early 1980s adopted the term ‘book design’ for the first time in Korea and paved the way for it for more than a half a century by negotiating with the constraints of the times. Being more than a usual  ‘monograph’, the book outlines the process of publication design moving from the time of movable type to the time of phototypesetting.

A unique companion to modern Korean visual culture through book design, Chung Byoung-kyoo Photobook Design is a must-have for any photobook aficionados.

About the Publisher
Aprilsnow Press is a small publishing house based in Daegu, Korea. Launched in the year 2013, it publishes a small number of books per year, mostly photobooks. Run by design writer Kay Jun and book designer Jeong Jae-wan, Aprilsnow Press evolves around three keywords; photography, text and design. Having background in graphic design, both Kay Jun and Jeong Jaewan see publishing as part of their project of questioning the relationship between photography, text and design. Each book published by Aprilsnow Press is thus interpreted as a live platform of practicing the relationship of these three keywords.