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Personalities of Slovak photography
Ján Galanda 1904 – 1960

Ján Galanda

Ján GalandaPersonalities of Slovak Photography: Ján Galanda 1904 – 1960
Ján Galanda
Edited by Aurel Hrabušický and Filip Vančo.
English and Slovac


136 Pages
250 x 285 mm
ISBN 9788055613703



The history of Slovak photography is full of unseen, half-forgotten or completely forgotten personalities. However, few were as unknown as Ján Galanda until recently. Like most modern Slovak photographers, Ján Galanda was not a professional, he worked as a bank clerk in civil life. He started taking photographs only in the first half of the thirties of the 20th century and, like other amateur photographers, primarily documented his non-work interests and activities, travel, tourism, sports. Unlike most images of this kind, Galand’s photographs are characterized by a precisely built demanding, sometimes even refined composition. During his numerous trips abroad, he created a set of photographs capturing a way of life that was rather exceptional in poor Slovakia.

About the Series
The series presents the biggest personalities of photography in Slovakia, curated and edited by Aurel Hrabušický and Filip Vančo.

About the Artist
Like most modern Slovak photographers, Jan Galanda was an amateur; in his civil life he worked as a bank clerk. He didn t begin to systematically work with photography until the first half of the 1930s, and like the majority of amateur photographers, he mainly documented his leisure time interests and activities, such as travel, hiking and sports. As opposed to most of the shots of this type, Galanda s photos are created with precision and feature a demanding and at times refined composition. His shots, a kind of Slovak glamour style, were unique in Slovakia. Although Jan Galanda depicted much from the lifestyle of modern times, his photographs remained timeless, splendid, unbiased and captivated by beauty.

About the Publisher 
The Slovart publishing house has been operating on the Slovak book market since 1991. From the beginning, we have tried to bring our readers books in which content and form play an equally important role, that is, in which high-quality and demanding content is combined with polygraphically and artistically flawless form.

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