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Personalities of Slovak photography
Anton Podstraský 1939 – 2007

Anton Podstraský

 Anton PodstraskýPersonalities of Slovak Photography: Anton Podstraský 1939 – 2007
Anton Podstraský
Edited by Aurel Hrabušický and Filip Vančo.
English and Slovac


144 Pages
250 x 285 mm
ISBN 9788055608297


The edition Osobnosti slovenskéj fotografie presents portraits of well-known and lesser-known Slovak photographers in cooperation with the three cultural institutions of the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava, the SLOVART Publishing House and the civic association Photoport, entities dedicated to the support of art and culture.

The authors Filip Vančo and Aurel Hrabušický, based on research into the estates and archives of our photographers, decided to map the white spots in the history of Slovak photography and want to bring closer the stories of individual photographers and especially present their work to the public.

About the Series
The series presents the biggest personalities of photography in Slovakia, curated and edited by Aurel Hrabušický and Filip Vančo.

About the Artist
Anton Podstraský (1939 – 2007), documentary photographer. He started as a photographer in the film studio of Slovak Film in Bratislava and from the eighties of the 20th century supported himself by doing occasional jobs and publishing his photos in the press. As one of the few Slovak photographers, he not only captured “real socialism” with his camera lens, but also published his pictures. The publication by the authors Filip Vanča and Aurel Hrabušický presents a selection from the work of the photographer, who focused on documenting everyday life with special emphasis on figures from the social “substandard” environment. Perhaps that is why the press of the time published them, often as a pictorial attachment to articles with problematic human relationships.

About the Publisher 
The Slovart publishing house has been operating on the Slovak book market since 1991. From the beginning, we have tried to bring our readers books in which content and form play an equally important role, that is, in which high-quality and demanding content is combined with polygraphically and artistically flawless form.

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