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Gabriele Harhoff

Gabriele Harhoff


Signed Edition 80 of 100
22 pages
210 x 297 mm
ISBN Not available


The images for this book were taken in March 2011 during a trip from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur by local transport (train, bus, boat). I have been attracted to Southeast Asia for a long time. After a while I discovered that one of the main points I find fascinating over there is the bold use of color. Therefore I named the series „Pelikan“ – after the little Pelikan paintboxes that every schoolchild had to have when I grew up. The unique folding structure provides a playful arrangement of the pages, so the viewer can create his/her own flow of images. Printed on 250 gsm Profimatt paper stock, bone folded and hand stitched by myself, then finished by a bookbinder. Thanks to Markus Schaden for suggesting the folding structure and to Harvey Benge and Wolfgang Zurborn for help with editing and sequencing.

About the Artist
Gabriele Harhoff is a photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. I am attracted to strange things, colours, shapes and their spatial relations.

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