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Óscar Monzón

Order Óscar Monzón

Order Óscar MonzónOrder
Óscar Monzón
RVB Books


120 Pages
260 x 420 mm
ISBN 9782492175039



Order covers a body of work carried out between 2014 and 2019 in different megacities around the world. This project pursues a subjective hypothesis about the reflection of advertising images in human appearances and behavior in urban life. Following the classic methodology of street photography (straight photography of a real scene without any manipulation), Óscar Monzón goes further by extracting moments and spaces which – due to their scenography – related and gestural precision- enter into direct dialogue with the images of the adverts that are ubiquitous in these locations, showing to us the opposite message or an interpretation of the consequences. These adverts, at first set aside from the narrative of the project, appear in the sequence as animated elements, as real and alive as the scenes that are documented in the project.

About the Artist
Óscar Monzón was born in Spain in 1981.

About the Publisher
RVB Books is both an independent publisher dedicated to designing and printing unique fine arts books and a gallery featuring exhibitions on new editorial practices.

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