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On Black Media Philosophy
Armond R. Towns

On Black Media Philosophy, Armond R Towns

On Black Media Philosophy, Armond R TownsOn Black Media Philosophy
Armond R. Towns
University of California Press


242 pages
150 x 230 mm
ISBN 9780520355804


Who is the human in media philosophy? Although media philosophers have argued since the twentieth century that media are fundamental to being human, this question has not been explicitly asked and answered in the field. Armond R. Towns demonstrates that humanity in media philosophy has implicitly referred to a social Darwinian understanding of the human as a Western, white, male, capitalist figure.

Building on concepts from Black studies and cultural studies, Towns develops an insightful critique of this dominant conception of the human in media philosophy and introduces a foundation for Black media philosophy. Delving into the narratives of the Underground Railroad, the politics of the Black Panther Party, and the digitisation of Michael Brown’s killing, On Black Media Philosophy deftly illustrates that media are not only important for Western Humanity but central to alternative Black epistemologies and other ways of being human.

About the Author 
Armond R. Towns is Associate Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa. His research and teaching focuses on the relationship between media, communication, race, blackness, and history.

About the Publisher
University of California Press is one of the most forward-thinking scholarly publishers, committed to influencing public discourse and challenging the status quo within the sphere of academic publishing.

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