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Loan Nguyen 

Mobile, Loan Nguyen

Mobile, Loan NguyenMobile
Loan Nguyen
German, French and English

Text by Gabriele Schor


62 pages
265 x 215 mm
ISBN 9782915409093


In the morning mist, a female silhouette can be guessed. Like a tightrope walker, she advances, step by step, on the edges of a stone basin. A few places away, this same silhouette appears, sketching a silhouette on the wall of a raw concrete architecture or contemplating its reflection in the calm waters of a lake… Reminiscences of childhood games, those moments when , with astonishment, we find ourselves part of this world. Discreet, the human presence infiltrates the landscape, slipping in smoothly. A posture, a tenuous gesture…and a correspondence is established. Drop shadow, removed object or simple reflection: the action of the being on its environment is always minimal. The body imprint is then sometimes printed by proxy, by simple projection. Points of contact are outlined, links are woven and these minimalist spaces become territories of introspection.
In the morning mist, the barely visible figure of a woman. As if on a tight rope, she walks along the edges of a stone pool, one step at a time. Close by, the same figure appears, creating a hand shadow on the wall of a rough concrete building, or contemplating its reflection in the calm waters of a lake…Recollections of childhood games, moments when one discovers in bewilderment that we are actually part of this world. Human presence discreetly seeps into the landscapes, gently slides in. A posture, a slight gesture… and a link is established. A shadow is cast, an object is picked up, a reflection is seen: the effect of a being on his surroundings always remains slight. The body may then make its imprint by proxy, by mere projection. Points of contact appear, bonds are woven, and these minimalist spaces become territories of introspection.

About The Artist
Loan Nguyen born in 1977 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland. A Swiss, French and Vietnamese photographer, Loan Nguyen studied photography at the Ecole d’Arts Appliqués in Vevey, Switzerland. Since 1998, she has participated in a number of solo and group exhibitions, as well as several international fairs. She is also a member of Piece of Cake, a European network for contemporary images. She has published two books – Mobile in 2005 and De retour in 2007.

About the Publisher 
Piece of Cake was created in Rouen in 2002 at the initiative of French photographer Charles Freger. The original group was comprised of artists from several different European countries including France, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Portugal and England among others. In 2009, Cara Phillips initiated the creation of the North American Cake Collective, with members in various cities in the US, Vancouver and Mexico City. The collective’s main focus is to provide support and connection for artists who have a deeply committed personal practice but who also want to engage in a communal experience.

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