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Meta Cars
Beni Bischof

Meta Cars, Beni BischofMeta Cars
Beni Bischof
Laser Magazin
Co-Published by Images Vevey


44 pages
180 x 250 mm
Edition of 600


About the Artist
Beni Bischof is a visual artist living and working in Switzerland. He is the founder and director of Laser Magazin.

About the Publisher
Laser Magazin is a fanzine made of drawings, collages, photos, texts or whatever. It’s published at irregular intervals in the shape of a self made zine by the artist Beni Bischof (content, layout, production). The Laser Magazin is published in small editions between 50 and 300 signed copies. Since 2005, around 56 editions have been published.

Co-Published with Images Vevey

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