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Magic Campo: A Dreamy Tale
Stefano Vigni

Magic Campo: A Dreamy Tale, Stefano Vigni

Magic Campo: A Dreamy Tale, Stefano VigniMagic Campo: A Dreamy Tale
Stefano Vigni
Seipersei Books

Texts by Michele Masotti and Pierluigi Sacco.


80 pages
210 x 290 mm
ISBN 9788890744518


Magic Campo is about the Palio of Siena, an annual horse race in Siena. It is a dreamy tale without winners or losers.which takes place at the Piazza del Campo. Magic Campo is a dream in black and white.

About the Artist
Stefano Vigni (b. 1981, Siena) is an Italian photographer with strong graphic design attitudes, video and art direction experiences. He is based in Tuscany and deals with long term projects of documentary photography and reportage.

About the Publisher
Seipersei is an independent publishing house founded in Siena in 2011 by Stefano Vigni. Seipersei is a photobook publisher that mainly deals with cultural, social, intimate and personal research issues as well as non-fiction and books for children and teenagers. Today Seipersei is present in the major chain and independent bookstores around Italy.

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