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Anastasia Bogomolova

Lookbook, Anastasia BogomolovaLookbook
Anastasia Bogomolova


40 pages
210 x 280 mm


“Lookbook, where I use my mother’s old clothes, 1990s’ cosmetics and grandmother’s fabrics as a background, has grown out of a desire to restore the images of women of elder generations in the family. But eventually it has turned into a story about the search for my own femininity and sexuality, my first idea of which was formed by Soviet fashion magazines. Working on this project, I reconstructed a girl’s ritual of fitting her mother’s dresses, trying to rethink childish experience already in adulthood, when I’m approaching the age when my mother gave birth to me.”

About the Artist

Anastasia Bogomolova, artist, curator, photobook collector and researcher, founder of the first Russian language blog about photobooks “This is a photobook”.


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