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Kit de Supervivencia (Survival Kit)
Día D

Kit de Supervivencia (Survival Kit)

Kit de Supervivencia (Survival Kit)Kit de Supervivencia (Survival Kit)
Día D


32 Pages
165 x 240 mm
ISBN Not Available


Graphic design in the public sphere is a resource paid for by all whose management raises questions on a recurring basis both from administration and from the professional sector in charge of executing these projects. Here is where we try to shed some light on this topic through the reflections of professionals who either side from side of the designer, the manager, or the journalist, brings us their experience in management, hiring, creative development, or critical analysis of these projects.
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About the Organisation
Día D proposes a monothematic day that brings together the most relevant professionals in the sector around a field of action. An independently organized event by designers for anyone with an interest in design.

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