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Instant Book
Armin Linke

Armin Linke, Instant Book

Instant BookArmin Linke, Instant Book
Armin Linke
A&M bookstore Edizioni
English, French, Italian


160 pages
300 × 280 mm
ISBN 8887071004


Armin Linke presents the viewer with close up photographs of public events in Italy such as Sexfair, Fitness Fair, WonderBra launch, etc. It features beauty pageants, milking bulls, fields of women holding their rear-ends, dogs, dolphins and various other scenes that make one wonder about just how crazy people are.

About The Artist 
Armin Linke was born in Milan, 1966. He is a photographer and filmmaker combining a range of contemporary image processing technologies to blur the border between fiction and reality. Linke indagates the formation – so called Gestaltung – of the natural, technological and urban environment in which we are living. Armin Linke´s oeuvre – photographs and films – function as tools to become aware of the different design strategies.

Through working with his own archive, as well as with other media archives, Linke challenges the conventions of photographic practice, whereby the questions of how photography is installed and displayed become increasingly important. In a collective approach with other artists, as well as with curators, designers, architects, historians, philosophers and scientists, the narratives of his works expand on the level of multiple discourses.

About The Publisher
A&M bookstore is a publishing house and a bookstore specializing in visual contemporary arts, founded in 1993 in Milan.

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