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Inhabiting Edgelands
Jonny Bark

Inhabiting Edgelands
Jonny Bark


38 pages
201 x 288 mm
ISBN Not Available


Edgelands are transitional patches of land between urban and rural landscapes that are often overlooked. They are separate from the urban power structures and arguably a free space of expression and adventure. Graffiti, litter and dog waste bags decorate the Edgelands. These traces are associated with the people who have a practical relationship with the landscape. Bark immerses himself within these spaces through camping and engaging with the community, he seeks to discern what the Edgelands mean to them and why. Inhabiting Edgelands questions our common understanding, and provides an insight into the complexity of the Edgelands.



About the Artist
Jonny Bark is a freelance filmmaker and photographer, with 7 years of experience – based in Birmingham. He has worked on films produced for both the charity & commercial sectors. He also works as a photographer to produce arts projects as well as event, portrait & wedding photography.

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