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How To Fly
Pedro Guimarães

How To Fly
Pedro Guimarães
XYZ Books


96 pages
210 x 260 mm
ISBN 9789899906334



In How To Fly photographer Pedro Guimarães takes us on a poetic journey into the subculture of private aviation. The language he employs takes the disguise of the documentary genre yet what initially appears to be a flight manual quickly reveals Guimarães’ true autobiographical intentions through the use of poetic punctuation. How To Fly is, after all, a reflection on the inevitable traumatic events of life and describes a series of emergency manoeuvres designed to keep oneself alive.


About the Artist
Pedro Guimarães is a freelance photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal.

About the Publisher

XYZ Books sell photography books, art magazines and photographic prints and also run a photo lab with fine art printing and scanning. They are located in Lisbon, Portugal.

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