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Hotel 11a 1bis
Marie Angeletti

Hotel 11a 1bis
Marie Angeletti
Mörel Books


102 pages
200 x 291 mm
ISBN 9781907071393


‘If one were looking to tie this work down via iconography (precisely the wrong approach), one might be tempted to see Angeletti as here pursuing a semi-oblique feminist agenda orbiting around performance, role-play, adornment, containment. But she seems more interested in scrambled typologies and the uneasy pleasures of, to quote René Magritte, the treachery of images. If pre-existing, these photographs meant one thing in a catalogue, museum or wherever, and now they signify something else or, intrinsically, nothing at all: detached, rivulets in a larger directional flow. ‘Thanks, Internet,’ such work murmurs. Like many artists in their twenties, Angeletti wants to denote that presiding context without directly addressing it, performing its knock-on effect on materialist media.’

About the Artist
Marie Angeletti (born in 1984, Marseille, France) lives and works in Brussels. She holds an MA in Photography, from the Royal College of Art Master Class in Photography, Bard College, New York.

About the Publisher
Mörel Books is a London based independent publisher specialising in affordable limited edition art books and booklets.

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