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Hello, Love You Forever
Óskar Hallgrímsson 

Hello, Love You Forever
Óskar Hallgrímsson 


87 Pages
250 x 210 mm
ISBN 9789935245427


Pattaya, ‘Sin City’ as it is commonly referred to by overseas visitors, is regarded as the capital for sex tourism in Asia. Each year an estimated 13.7 million tourists descend upon the Thai city. The majority are men from developed nations who are drawn to the warm climate , the affordable prices and the promise of love and sex.  Pattaya has a reported 27.000 sex workers. That is one for every five people living in the city. Oskar Hallgrimsson takes his camera in Hello, Love You Forever and documents this city as an outsider looking in.

About the Artist
Óskar Hallgrímsson is an Icelandic photographer currently based in Kyiv, Ukraine. He has worked in all areas of photography for the last 15 years including television, documentary production, fashion and architecture, but since 2015 his personal work has focused on Asia and is of a documentary nature.

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