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Theo Frey

Fotografien, Theo FreyFotografien
Theo Frey
Limmat Verlag


240 pages
240 x 300 mm
ISBN 9783857915536


Theo Frey (1908-1997) is often used in the same breath as the classics of Swiss photojournalism – called – Hans Staub, Gotthard Schuh, Paul Senn. His oeuvre is less known than the works of this first, somewhat older generation of photojournalists. This is partly because it was insufficiently developed to date and accessible. On the other hand, it probably depends also with Frey’s unpretentious style along: his carefully constructed, factual reports held live less volatile and dramatic snapshots as the sharp eye for the inconspicuous – for everyday life that characterises the people. Theo Frey brings to his photographs, community involvement, and a deep sympathy for the lives of the young people expressed. With a strictly documentary approach him succeed throughout their careers, always memorable images, now occupy a permanent place in the visual memory of Switzerland.


About the Artist
Theo Frey (born February 14, 1908 – April 19, 1997) was a Swiss photographer . He is one of the classics of Swiss reportage photographers and documentarists.


About the Publisher
Limmat Verlag, is a Swiss publisher founded in 1975. It is an independent publisher with a focus on political non-fiction and literature as well as history and history.

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