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Bárbara Wagner

Ensaio, Bárbara Wagner

Ensaio, Bárbara WagnerEnsaio
Bárbara Wagner
Portuguese, English

Text by Giuliano Sergio.


Edition of 1000
80 pages
190 x 150 mm
ISBN Not Available


Ensaio by Bárbara Wagner is born from the awareness of the commonplace of the ethnographic image and the desire to measure an artistic work with the tradition of reportage photography.The artist turned to the rural Maracatu scene in squares of Nazaré da Mata and other cities in the interior of Pernambuco during the rehearsals that precede Carnival, when the players still do not wear traditional clothing. Wagner directs her gaze to rare moments of the celebration: her vertical shots show the local people in moments of waiting, before the music starts and the game involves the entire group in a dance. The preparation for this event makes up a timeless space, the attention is focused on the involuntary poses of these men, on their expressions, on the details of their clothes, on the small gestures. Ensaio means rehearsal in Portuguese.

About the Artist
Bárbara Wagner (b. 1980, Brasília) is a Brazilian photographer.
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