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Dolana Dolasa, Erdem Varol

Dolana Dolasa, Erdem Varol

Dolana Dolaşa
Erdem Varol


56 pages
160 x 260 mm
ISBN 9786257794480

Tefrika Istanbul 001
Tefrika Istanbul ISBN 9786257794473


Erdem Varol – Dolana Dolaşa (Tangle and Meander) is the first title in the multi-volume publication project by Onagöre from Istanbul, on Istanbul, produced in Istanbul.

Erdem Varol contributes a drift through streets of old and contemporary districts of İstanbul. The Bosphorus, the minarets, the cats are part of the tableau that Varol presents as usual but also the painful, the disgusting, the mundane is not hidden: Brits that travel to the city for hair implants, the last bits of chicken döner in the Industrial district, breakfast of a working family.

Tefrika Istanbul’s first episode does justice to its title, Tangle and Meander and depicts the city as an inhabitant rather than a visitor.

About the Artist
Born in Istanbul in 1988. He stays alive by walking, taking photographs, drawing, and writing. Going beyond just moments compressed through visuals and layers of texts, he invites his viewers to see his works as documents that hold clues into his perception, muscle memory, and errors.

About the Publisher
Onagöre is an independent publisher of photobooks and artists’ publications on visual arts, poetry, and critical theory. They consider our releases as artwork in the form of a book and we explore innovative publishing potentials. Their mission is to establish a fair and collaborative production practice and to develop a sustainable and consistent publishing system.