Schwarzfahrten Joy- Rides Werner Lieberknecht Ex Pose Verlag German Text by Marcel Beyer   Hardcover 96 pages 210 x 170 mm 2011 ISBN 9783925935657   These photographs transverse the current popular imagery. Nudes, cinematic sequences, peculiarly popular architectures and urban landscapes are interwoven into each other along a daring melody. Follow the wandering eyes of… Continue reading Schwarzfahrten 


Bifröst Espen R. Krukhaug Einer Books English   Hardcover 104 pages 300 x 300 mm 2011 ISBN 978299788212   “The series “Bifröst” explores the realm of insomnia, a condition endured by millions of people, including myself and the models featured in this book. Using our own experiences as a basis, we have tried to portray… Continue reading Bifröst