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Dalston Anatomy
Lorenzo Vitturi

Dalston Academy, Lorenzo Vitturi

Dalston Academy, Lorenzo VitturiDalston Anatomy
Lorenzo Vitturi
Self Publish, Be Happy

Words by Sam Berkson.


168 pages
190 x 260 mm
ISBN 9780991940905


Lorenzo Vitturi’s work is often found at the intersection of sculpture and photography. His project Dalston Anatomy, which has functioned as both a publication and series of images for exhibition, saw him spend time in London’s Ridley Road Market taking pictures, making sculptures and creating collages with food, materials and objects he found amongst the debris of the marketplace. Vitturi’s process is largely concerned with the creation, consumption and preservation of images. The makeshift sculptures he created mimic the organic and temporary nature of the market, and their documentation is the way in which they endure after diminishing. The book is bound in exquisite Vlisco fabrics in bright patterns that are reminiscent of the traditionally African patterns often found in textiles sold at these markets and accompanied by a poem by Sam Berkson that layers voices from the market to draw on its disjointed and surreal atmosphere.

About the Artist
Lorenzo Vitturi, born in Venice, 1980, is a photographer and sculptor who lives and works between London and Milan.  Formerly a cinema set painter, Vitturi has brought this experience into his photographic practice, which revolves around playful site-specific interventions at the intersection of photography, sculpture and performance.

About the Publisher
Self Publish, Be Happy was founded by Bruno Ceschel in 2010 to promote a new generation of photographers and self-publishers. Through its activities in publishing, the curation of exhibitions and events, and education it has helped to support photography culture around the world.

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