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Code des Tourismus
Vincent Grunwald

Code des Tourismus
Vincent Grunwald
AKV Berlin


56 pages
160 x 240 mm



Through drawing, text and photography this book describes places located at the peripheries of touristic centres. The locations have been chosen in order to reveal the function and effects of landscape-planning designed specifically for Tourism.


About the Artist
Vincent Grunwald Is a visual cultural producer that predominately works with the relation of text and image.

About the Publisher
AKV Berlin was an art book collective run by Anna Szaflarski, Kevin Kemter, Max Stocklosa and Vincent Grunwald from 2008 to 2021. After the dissolution of the core group in April 2021, AKV Berlin continues to exist as a shell that is indefinitely in a reorientation phase which is currently accompanied by Max Stocklosa. All remaining titles will still be available at AKV Berlin as well as from AKV Schulbücher.

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