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Kristian B. Johansson

BE-HEADED, Kristian B. Johansson

BE-HEADED, Kristian B. JohanssonBE-HEADED
Kristian B. Johansson
KBJ Publishing


84 pages
205 x 265 mm
ISBN Not Available


Altered material from a colouring book found in India.
(source: text within book)

About the Artist
Kristian B. Johansson (b. 1985) is an artist and printmaker based in Svendborg in the southern part of Denmark. He works with book-making, photography, installation, sculpture, interventions and site-specific pieces in public space. His practice revolves around material from old books, found on travels, and traces from human activity in public space. He runs the publishing house KBJ Publishing and the print studio KBJ Printing which includes a mobile printing workshop in a van. Kristian B. Johansson was educated at the Funen Art Academy(2008-2013) and attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture (US) in 2013.

About the Publisher
KBJ Publishing is the publishing enterprise of Danish artist Kristian Blomstrøm Johansson.