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Baron, Joyce Lee

Baron, Joyce LeeBaron
Joyce Lee
Baron Books


76 pages
220 x 280 mm
ISBN 9781838424862


Baron is pleased to present artist Joyce Lee’s debut book, dedicated to the artists archive of watercolour and pencil works, exploring aspects of love, sex and sexuality, and the human body.

Like the surrealists before her, Lee’s work seeks to explore the subconscious.Using lucid landscapes and the body, the artist mixes high culture with trash culture, the picturesque with the disgusting and the two activities of living, humour and sex. Lee places us in a world with perverse personal thoughts and multiple realities.

In our image-sharing society, where photography depicting sexuality and the human body is prohibited and censored, Lee’s work manages to challenge such rules by creating work around sex and the body, in the media of watercolour and pencil, deemed acceptable in these spaces to communicate such themes. As such, Lee’s work has found contemporary relevance on social networks, with liberators wanting to challenge ongoing censorship rules around the human body and sex, by sharing the artists work.

Lee’s work has been published internationally and received critical praise from publications including Numero and Playboy Magazine.

The book also contains an essay by academic Pernilla Ellens editor of Namio Harukawa (Baron 2021) and Death Book lll (Baron 2022).

About the Artist
Joyce Lee is a native of Seoul, Korea. She majored in English literature & language at university and worked for airlines for several years before deciding to follow her true passion as an artist and return to art school. She got BFA degree at “Seoul National University”. Joyce prefers to work with watercolours, acrylic and pencils and she enjoys exploring the humanistic (and sometimes humorous) aspects of love and relationship through the symbolism of the human body.

About the Publisher
The publisher of Baron, Baroness and the Death Book. They stock and publish the worlds finest art, fashion and photography books about sex, gender, sexuality and identity.