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å falle mellom stoler
Jelsen Lee Innocent

å falle mellom stoler, Jelsen Lee Innocent

å falle mellom stoler, Jelsen Lee Innocentå falle mellom stoler
Jelsen Lee Innocent
Hverdag Books
Norwegian, English

Texts by Dubie Toa-Kwapong and Mwauke Bana Bempe wa Tshiyoyo Mufoncol.


Edition of 100
64 pages
150 x 200 mm
ISBN 9788293633211


å falle mellom stoler by Jelsen Lee Innocent is a project that encourages a discourse that surpasses the aesthetic of ethnic integration as proof of racial progress in Norway.

In this publication, Innocent has centered a diversity of African Norwegian voices, seeking to engage within realities too often dismissed or unconsidered while navigating mainstream Norwegian society. This work is intended to both instigate and contribute new and direct critical language, constructive political expression and empathic debate within the African Norwegian community.

About the Artist
Jelsen Lee Innocent (b. 1983) is a Haitian-American conceptual artist whose studio practice investigates perceived boundaries, the deceptive capacity of familiarity, and the prominence of racial formation. He is based in Bærum. Through a reductive approach to tactility and use of color, Innocent’s sculptures, videos and installations present rigid objects brooding with emotional competency that intend to confront and contort perception & bias.

About the Contributors
Mwauke Bana Bempe wa Tshiyoyo Mufoncol is a seeker,  a mother, a procreator, and a co-creator with the universe. She is a storyteller rooted in African Cosmogeny.
(source: blurb)

Dubie Toa-Kwapong grew up between Accra, Ghana and Flekke i Sunnfjord. She is a writer and doctoral researcher in Cultural Anthropology at Duke University.
(source: blurb)

About the Publisher
Hverdag Books is a micro press and self-publishing studio, est. 2016 by the artist Jessica Williams and located in Moss, Norway. Hverdag publishes unique and experimental editions for and about the everyday. Hverdag has an in-house publishing workshop based around a Risograph CV3230 with 8 drums (colors) and gives frequent-ish workhops in self-publishing and risograph printing.