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doc! photo magazine

doc! photo magazine #46
188 pages
235 x 320 mm
ISSN 2299-2855
doc! photo magazine #46 is dedicated to two themes: Migration and Collective Memory. Although they are presented separately, one can find here projects that discuss both topics simultaneously. Then they show how migration and collective memory interfere each other, because our memory is based on experience and this experience also/often includes migration. We are all migrants or at least come from a family with a history of migration.
About the Magazine
First published as an online monthly in July 2012, doc! photo magazine is dedicated to contemporary documentary photography. It publishes projects discussing today’s world with its issues, challenges and pleasures. Next to the photo stories, the magazine also features essays about photography and interviews. Today doc! photo magazine is a top class paper based publication featuring emerging as well as already established photographers which projects follow the magazine motto: WHEN THE STORY MATTERS.

About the Publisher
Established in 2012, BLOW UP PRESS (BUP) is a family run publisher of photobooks and lens-based art books. Originally online publisher, BUP switched to paper in 2016. Since then it has become a recognisable producer of sophistically designed books dealing with thought-provoking topics, following the motto When the story matters. BUP collaborates with emerging and established photographers from around the world. Next to the books, BUP also publishes doc! photo magazine dedicated to contemporary photography. Since 2020, BUP organises annual contest BUP Book Award which goal is to promote photobooks as a way of communicate important subjects.


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