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Revista gràffica. 30

Revista gràffica. 30 Tipografía

Revista gràffica. 30 TipografíaRevista gràffica. 30


112 pages
200 x 265 mm
ISSN 2444846X29


This issue of Gràffica magazine deals with the fascinating world of letters. It looks at its history, its evolution and how it has become a fundamental tool in the creative field and visual communication. It explores the latest trends, technological advances and the most authoritative voices in the current typographic landscape. Typography is, without a doubt, the most important technology that humans have invented. Although it sometimes goes unnoticed in our daily lives, we use it constantly. Have you stopped to think about its influence on every message you receive? From street signs to advertisements, typography is present in every corner of our lives. For this reason, we wanted to dedicate issue 30 of Gràffica magazine to exploring the captivating universe of typography that, despite the passing of the years, continues to surprise us with new possibilities, uses and innovations.

About the Publisher
grá is a medium dedicated exclusively to the world of design, and especially to the field of graphic design, creativity and visual culture.