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Wrong Photography
Thomas Mailaender

Wrong Photography, Thomas Mailaender

Wrong Photography, Thomas MailaenderWrong Photography
Thomas Mailaender
RVB Books


58 pages
130 x 210 mm
ISBN 9791090306486


In this fifth opus of collected images on internet Mailaender explores the point of view in photography. But he is not questioning the viewers view as he collects with ‘Wrong Photography’ a series of photographers in action: an offbeat, funny and full of energy reflexion on photography medium.

About the Artist 
Thomas Mailaender (born 1979) is a French multimedia artist living and working between Paris and Marseille. Known for his use of a wide range of techniques including ceramic, photography, collage and installation, he employs diverse materials, often re-appropriating images from the internet or his own huge archive.

About the Publisher 
RVB Books is both an independent publisher dedicated to designing and printing unique fine arts books and a gallery featuring exhibitions on new editorial practices.

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