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Working Men Have No Country
Various Artists

Working Men Have No Country, Various Artists

Working Men Have No Country, Various ArtistsWorking Men Have No Country
Various Artists
French, English


160 pages
180 x 265 mm
ISBN 9782956188469


This book is an essay of images and texts bringing together the work and researches of four artists: Krasimira Butseva (Bulgaria – United Kingdom), Guillaume Chauvin (France), Ziad Naitaddi (Morocco) et Sofia Yala Rodrigues (Portugal – Angola – Royaume Uni).

This book is a broad fresco made up of singular adventures and lives, from the October Revolution to the fall of the USSR and decolonisation. By re-drawing geographical boundaries outside the official narratives of the four areas of migration, we have tried to examine education, propaganda and racism in the political contexts of successive migrations, leading to the postsocialist and postcolonialist movements. The colonial symbolism which haunts the world today is revealed for what it is in our readings of the real and the virtual.

Artists who contributed to this book  are Krasimira Butseva, Guillaume Chauvin, Ziad Naitaddi and Sofia Yala Rodrigues. Translation is by Robin Wilkinson.

About the Publisher
ESSARTER Éditions is an association specialised in photo-documentary books. Its creation was born from the meeting between Mathilde Vaveau, photographer, and Lou Reichling, graphic-designer. Paul de Lanzac, photographer, joined them a few months later. Based on their common interests – books, documentary photography and literature – and their complementary skills, their main objective is to create books where texts and images meet and sometimes confront each other.