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Video and Photography 1998-2003
Santeri Tuori

Video and Photography 1998-2003
Santeri Tuori
Galerie Anhava


Edition of 5
58 Pages
275 x 220 mm
ISBN 9529933509


Santeri Tuori “Video and Photography 1998-2003” is a catalogue published on the occasion of an exhibition featuring superimposed images, silver gelatine prints, video installations and mixed audio-visual works, Despite the friendly and funny faces that form the subjects of most the works, there is something wonderfully uncanny about these works; portraits that appear to come alive, a video of a man (the artist himself) holding a smile for over 30 minutes and spectral silver gelatine prints, some blurred and faded, reminiscent of the earliest experiments in photography; many reproduced images of the works and the exhibition space accompanied by short descriptions, with an English text by Taru Elfving.

About the Artist
Santeri Tuori (born in 1970, Espoo, Finland) studied at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki. A multifaceted artist, Santeri Tuori’s work is primarily focussed on the properties of nature and its power to change. Photographing in his native Finland his recent subjects include skies, forests and waterlilies.

About the Publisher
Galerie Anhava focuses on contemporary Finnish and Nordic art with an active role at the international level. The gallery was founded in 1991 by Ilona Anhava and merged with Galerie Artek in 1997. The gallery’s exhibition program encompasses all forms of contemporary visual art, from painting and sculpture to photography, video and installation, with special emphasis on conceptual art.

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