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Valérie Belin
Valérie Belin

Valérie Belin, Valérie Belin

Valérie Belin, Valérie BelinValérie Belin
Valérie Belin

Text by Quentin Bajac and Dork Zabunyan.
Interview by Étienne Hatt.


304 pages
280 x 244 mm
ISBN 9788862085120

After a first volume released in 2007, Damiani now presents her subsequent work, with series produced between 2007 and 2016: Fruit Baskets, Lido, Ballroom Dancers, Vintage Cars, Crowned Heads, Black-Eyed Susan, Stage Sets, Brides, Bob, Interiors and Still Life, as well as her most recent and original series, All Star. The volume also comprises exhibition views and photographs taken during her performance at the Centre Pompidou in 2014.


About the Artist
Valérie Belin was born in 1964 in Boulogne-Billancourt, France. She lives and works in Paris, France.


About the Publisher
Damiani was founded in May 2004 as the new publishing branch of the printing company, Grafiche Damiani, in Bologna. Damiani was set up in the 1950s to specialize in art and photography lithographic printing. Damiani’s current list of books cover a large range of subjects, including photography, architecture, design, reportage, pop culture, fashion, collecting and sports.