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Sevim Sancaktar

Transformer, Sevim Sancaktar

Transformer, Sevim SancaktarTransformer
Sevim Sancaktar
REC Collective
Turkish, English

Text by Laurence Cournet.


Hardcover Accordion.
29 pages
165 x 195 mm
ISBN 97860588897


Sancaktar takes close-ups of the wall illusions painted on electrical transformers throughout Istanbul and some surrounding cities. A representation of their time as well as a deformed reflection of urban history, architectural element as much as artistic expression, these images form a social and cultural portrait of the town; A city, eclectic as much as electric, which merge occidental and oriental, mix classical and contemporary, thus creating a utopian anachronism.

About the Artist
Sevim Sancaktar (b. 1983, Istanbul) is a Turkish artist based between Istanbul and Vienna.

About the Publisher
There is no information available about the publisher.

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