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Throw Away: Nightclub Flyers 1990–99
Ciarán Nugent and Peter Maybury

Throw Away: Nightclub Flyers 1990–99 Ciarán Nugent and Peter Maybury

Throw Away: Nightclub Flyers 1990–99 Ciarán Nugent and Peter MayburyThrow Away: Nightclub Flyers 1990–99
Ciarán Nugent and Peter Maybury
image text sound editions

Text by Niall McCormack and Aoife Nic Canna.


Edition of 400
304 pages
210 x 245 mm
ISBN 9780955942129


1999 marked the end of a decade of great social, economic, and cultural change in Ireland. Significant social milestones included church scandals, divorce and abortion referenda, the decriminalisation of homosexuality and the end of the Troubles. Improved economic success saw unemployment and emigration give way to immigration and full employment. Within this broader national context, Dublin was embarking on its own period of urban regeneration. Over the course of the 1990’s, vast derelict areas of the city would be transformed into offices, hotels and apartments.

Club flyers were an integral part of dance music culture and they played a central role in the promotion of Dublin’s dance music scene in the 1990s. Throw Away is not a comprehensive social or musical history of that period, instead, it provides insights into Dublin city’s dance music scene. Across 304 pages, with over 1,100 reproductions, the book reflects the scene’s progression from initial rave phenomenon to mainstream acceptance. Throw Away documents a changing Dublin city, where the dance music scene took hold with a generation of ambitious promoters and venue owners. Almost all of the venues have since been demolished, or have changed use. The flyers contained in this book reflect a Dublin that has largely disappeared.

About the Editors
Peter Maybury works as an artist, graphic designer, musician and educator. With formal training in visual communications in Dublin and London, his practice-based research has expanded to encompass design for print and screen, wayfinding systems, film, sound, artworks for exhibition, and curation.

Ciarán Nugent (aka The Golden Maverick) has been deejaying on PowerFM for 25 years. He has deejayed in many of the venues featured in this book, including The Ormond Multimedia Centre, Columbia Mills, The Mean Fiddler, The Funnel, Switch, The POD, and Andrew’s Lane Theatre. An intermittent writer, he has previously contributed articles to In Dublin magazine, Noise magazine, the Dublin Event Guide, the DEAF 2003 event programme and the Underground book. Between 2006 to 2008 he produced the Matt Vinyl blog.

About the Publisher
image text sound editions are an Irish publisher.

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