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Issue 35: Don’t Stop Belongin’
This is Not Where I Belong*


ThisisNotWhereIBelongThis is Not Where I Belong*
Issue 35: Don’t Stop Belongin’
Various Artists
This is Not Where I Belong

Contributing artists, Saulie Delmore, Karen Henderson, Jessica McWhirt, Cal McGhee, LJ Wetherby, Cheese Louise and Orlagh Ladd.


Numbered Edition 23 of 100
300 x 100 mm
ISBN Not Available


I Just Called To Say I Won’t Belong is a zine comprising of poetry, prose and photography.

About The Publisher
‘a quarterly zine. a quarterly concert.’ Not fitting in. A malady that has affected mankind since 2012, and probably before that too.This Is Not Where I Belong* simultaneously staves off and encourages this affliction. We realise a printed zine every 3 months, and celebrate the arrival of each new edition with a live concert.
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