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The Quest for Man on the Donkey
Yaakov Israel

The Quest for Man on the Donkey
Yaakov Israel
Schilt Publishing

128 pages
290 x 240 mm
ISBN 9789053307649


As per the Orthodox Jewish tradition, the Messiah (the Prophet) will arrive riding on a white donkey. A few years ago, as I was photographing near the Dead Sea, a Palestinian man rode past me on his white donkey and I took a picture of him. It was after having developed this plate that I realised that I had encountered my “Messiah”; it was this chance encounter which brought me to initiate the body of work that carries the name: The Quest for the Man on the White Donkey.


About the Artist
Yaakov Israel (b. 1974) is a photographer living in Jerusalem. He mostly works on long-term independent projects, which reflect on the way the religious, social and political affect and create his personal reality.

About the Publisher

Schilt Publishing & Gallery, based in Amsterdam, is a publishing house specialised in high quality photography and art books as well as a commercial gallery representing a range of top class artists from all over the world.

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