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The Photographer’s Green Book
Vol. 1

The Photographer's Green Book: Vol. 1

The Photographer's Green Book: Vol. 1The Photographer’s Green Book: Vol. 1
Edited by Jay Simple and Sydney Ellison.


First Edition of 100
144 pages
195 x 240 mm
ISBN 9780578996615


Between 1936 and 1966, the Negro Motorist Green Book was a list of safe places for Black people during their travels throughout the segregated USA. Founded in 2020, the Photographer’s Green Book, in that tradition, started as a list of resources to navigate the photographic community, which has historically denied the voices of those other than predominantly white cis male artists. This work expands on the original Green Book’s target audience to include other individuals whose voices have been under-supported or underrepresented in academic and arts institutions.

About the Editors
Jay Simple is a Black American visual artist from Philadelphia.

Sydney Ellison is a Brooklyn based artist whose work addresses themes of gaze and intersectionality primarily through collage and self-portraiture. Sydney is also an alumni of Pratt Institute.

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