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The Black Triangle
Peter Schreiner

The Black Triangle, Peter Schreiner

The Black Triangle, Peter SchreinerThe Black Triangle
Peter Schreiner
Fotohof Edition


Edition of 400
365 pages
220 x 220 mm
ISBN 9783903334007


A love triangle, collected views of a strange carrier of meaning, houses, walls, streets, doors, cars, a portrait of a city or the cumbersome documentation of paths taken. Where these led and how they were trodden remains unclear. Whether following a trail, searching, researching or wandering aimlessly and finding by chance, whether conscientiously noting as a (self-proclaimed) surveyor or picking up randomly as a collector, in the end there are 360 ​​views presented by Peter Schreiner to round off the work group The Black Triangle full way to unlock. This is a stock of images that is determined in all its parts by the eponymous figure. And that’s all that can be said for sure about it.

About the Artist
The ties between a certain event and its interpretation, between historiography and poetry are at the center of Peter Schreiner’s artistic practice. The event itself, which is provided by historical meaning only by its transformation into language and its embedment into narration, forms the starting point as well as the center of Peter Schreiner’s artistic approach.

About the Publisher
Fotohof Edition has been publishing books and catalogues by Austrian and international photographers since its foundation in 1981. Over 200 mainly monographic titles have been published so far, generating a publishing house with international distribution channels.

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