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The Best of Time
Wu Liewei

Wu Lie Wei, The Best of Time

Wu Lie Wei, The Best of TimeThe Best of Time
Wu Liewei
Éditions Bessard 

Text by Wu Liewei


Includes a print signed by the author
72 pages
259  x 295 mm
ISBN 9791091406819


“The Best of Times” by Chinese artist Wu Liewei radiates with energy, zest, playfulness and experimentation. Depicting people from his own circle of friends, Wu Liewei’s photographs celebrate the joy of transgression and breaking with conventions. Sexuality and nudity feature heavily, but do so as matter-of-fact, artless appearances.


About The Artist
Born in Ningbo China 1993, Living in NingBo. Projects include visual compositions/ poetry/ installation & performance art/ social programs. From the very beginning photographic works to the stage of cross-media projects, all mainly related to the society and people, as well as factors between peoples. Used to host an organization of film photography called “film(symphony) orchestra” (in Chinese the world “film” is same pronunciation and radical as “symphony”, here use a semantic trick.) Host an independence art org. named “Ratings”. Created a fictitious commune “Shut Down studio”. And have held los of exchange activities. Now start up “Hippie Life Studio”, the including brand “NIAOJI” already held several art markets. An independent publishing project called JPEG was co-sponsored with ChiXi a photographer. This project mainly in the form of ZINE, with occasional publication. In different way of present depending on different theme. Personal works several times in the domestic and foreign each big media reported, another personal works collected by private galleries and private collectors.

About the Publisher
Editions Bessard is a paris-based independant publishing house created by pierre bessard in 2011. Focusing on working with artists, writers and curators to realise intellectually challenging projects in book form.

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