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Terre & Territoires
Arno Brignon

Terre & Territoires Arno Brignon

Terre & Territoires, Arno BrignonTerre & Territoires
Arno Brignon
Filigranes Editions


112 pages
160 x 210 mm
ISBN 9782350465340



Arno Brignon, the first resident to open the way, walked to connect the two spaces of the Terre et Territoires residence. From Tavers and Thoré la Rochette, he photographed, he surveyed the deserted landscapes of Beauce then the undergrowth of Perche Vendomois. On his way, he met the women and men who work, who live here between the Loire and the Loir, between the majestic river and a discreet and mysterious river. From these encounters, he brought back an account which evokes a changing world, which attempts to understand what is the exploitation of the earth by man, ecology, “living here”. This mutation, he delivers it to us in image through an affirmed photographic technique, with expired silver films. And the shots were taken with an outdated amateur camera.

Terre et Territoires is a residence of photographic creation, an invitation to travel in the Centre-Val de Loire Region, from the Loire to the Perche Vendôme via Beauce.

About the Artist
Arno Brignon was born in 1976 in Paris. He lives in Toulouse. In 2010, graduated from the ETPA (Gd Prix du Jury), he left his job as an educator in deprived neighbourhoods to devote himself entirely to photography. He then articulates his work between residences, exhibitions, teaching and personal research. He also works for the press and joined the agency Signatures, Maison de photographes in 2013.

About the Publisher
For 27 years, Filigranes has been following an original and audacious path in artists’ editions. The editorial approach combines image and writing in unique books. Founded by Patrick Le Bescont, the catalogue offers 580 titles. The editorial approach is to combine Filigranes, in singular books, picture and writing, thus making cross eyes and sensibilities of photographers authors, artists and contemporary writers, without exclusion or styles genres.