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Tell Your Story: A New Role for Photography in a Changing Market
Marc Prüst

Tell Your StoryTell Your Story: A New Role for Photography in a Changing Market
Marc Prüst
(English Copies 6)
(Dutch Copies 2)


87 Pages
170 x 240 mm
ISBN Not Available


Yet, it becomes increasingly difficult for the average photographer to make ends meet. “How can narrative photography be made future-proof?” That’s the central question of Tell Your Story. A New Role for Photography in a Changing Market. Visual story editor Marc Prüst studied numerous real-life examples from the world of photography, as well as lessons learned from other sectors like online radio and journalism. How are photographers, journalists and artists adopting to the digital economy and the demise of traditional media? Readers will learn about various earnings and distribution models, and tools to tap into the right market for their work. Additionally, a practical leaflet guides photographers through the various steps of a successful photography project.

About the Artist
Marc Prüst is a visual story editor and photography curator. He has developed a method for creating photographic projects to help photographers develop their concepts, prepare the shoots and edit their work. Together with photographers, he produces their visual stories in a variety of formats: books, exhibitions, or other project. Also, he teaches and organizes workshops and masterclasses, lectures and writes on photography.

About the Collective
Forhanna believes the future of photography lies in its potential to tell stories. We therefore research photographic storytelling, support the production of photographic stories and collect works that have relevant stories to tell in our Forhanna Collection.

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