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Sub Sole
Massao Mascaro

Sub Sole, Massao Mascaro

Sub Sole, Massao MascaroSub Sole
Massao Mascaro
Chose Commune



First edition
168 pages
240 × 290 mm
ISBN 9791096383252


Sub Sole (in Latin, beneath the sun), an ensemble of photographs made between 2017 and 2020, in the region of the Mediterranean Sea, follows the mythological itinerary of the voyage of Ulysses: Ceuta, Naples, Athens, Palermo, Istanbul, Tunis, and Lampedusa. Crossroads of cultures, the cradle of foundation myths, the Mediterranean is today more than ever, marked by migrations, exile, and displacement. Over the course of seven voyages and numerous chance encounters, Mascaro goes in search of the young people who inhabit and traverse this region. The literary narratives which the artist drew upon for his work are like the invisible companions of these photographs. They imbue the contemporary images with an ancient substance. Beneath the sun, political, economic, existential, and poetic implications intersect, beneath the harsh, hot Mediterranean light whose rhythm shapes human life.

About the Artist
Massao Mascaro is a french photographer (Lille 1990) who lives and works in Brussels. Massao’s work is always looking for a delicate balance between autobiography, topography and politics. His work often revolves around territory. In Ramo it was his ancestor’s Calabria, in Jardin the mythical space of the garden, found in the streets and parks of Madrid. In Sub Sole, Massao is working on around the Mediterranean coasts, cradle of many civilisations, using the journey of Ulysses as a loose guideline. The scope of his work is profoundly political, as it is rooted in the need to explore how humans relate to the spaces (both cultural and geographical) they inhabit.

About the Publisher 
Chose Commune is an independent publishing house devoted to photography books. It was founded in Paris by Vasantha Yogananthan and Cécile Poimboeuf-Koizumi, along with Jérôme Montagne and Julia McLaren It supports a photography that explores crossing points between the real and fictional.

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