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Strajk / Strike
Rafał Milach

Strajk / Strike, Rafał Milach

Strajk / Strike, Rafał MilachStrajk / Strike
Rafał Milach
Polish, English

256 pages
165 x 213 mm
ISBN 9788394927349


Strike is a visual record of the protests that began across Poland on October 22, 2020, and which persisted in various forms over the ensuing months. In a second text, Aleksandra Boćkowska chronicles the personal reflections of some of the participants of protests in Kartuzy, Lubaczów, Warsaw, and Kraków. Since 2019, Milach, together with sixteen fellow photographers, has been a co-creator of the Archive of Public Protests (APP), a platform for gathering documentation of social actions and grassroots initiatives that have opposed political decisions executed in violation of principles of democracy and human rights. Strike is a piece of this archive.

About the Artist
Rafał Milach is a Polish visual artist, activist, photographer, and educator. His work focuses on the tension between society and power structures. Author of protest books and critical publications on state control.

About the Publisher
JEDNOSTKA Gallery, founded by Katarzyna Sagatowska in 2017 in Warsaw, represents artists of different generations distinguishable for their remarkable personalities and unique creative work. The ambition of the gallery is to initiate interdisciplinary projects that comment on contemporary phenomena. Its mission is also to promote art collecting, with a special focus on photography. The gallery conducts publishing and educational activity addressed both to professional audiences, and art lovers. We want JEDNOSTKA to be an open and friendly place, visited frequently and eagerly by viewers.

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