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Niall McDiarmid

Southwestern, Niall McDiarmid

Southwestern, Niall McDiarmidSouthwestern
Niall McDiarmid
Hey Little Heroes


72 pages
250 x 250 mm
ISBN 9780992697020


Southwestern features landscapes, portraits and still lives captured on many walks around South West London over the past ten years. An often overlooked part of town, it shines bright and vibrant in this book. McDiarmid has spent his career creating around the British landscape and the people who inhabit it. This time, he has turned his camera to his area, the place he walks through every day to find its character and beauty. Some of his most recognisable portraits appear in this title. They were the product of a decade of walking here and there, finding the faces that would end up population this beautiful and colourful collection of portraits.

About the Artist
Niall McDiarmid is a Scottish photographer based in London. His career spans over twenty years and it  primarily focuses on documenting the people and landscape of Britain. McDiarmid’s work aims to connect the viewer and the people in the photograph. He captures his subjects’ personal style a portrays them with confidence and elegance. His books include Crossing Paths (2013), Via Vauxhall (2015), Town To Town (2018), Southwestern (2019) and Shore (2020).

About the Publisher
Hey Little Heroes is Niall McDiarmid’s self publishing house.

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