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Source Winter 2000

Source Winter 2000Source
Winter 2000: Issue 25

Edited by John Duncan and Richard West.


42 pages
260 x 205 mm
ISSN 13692224


This issue of Source has no overriding theme, unlike many of the last issues, however, the theme of the archive and found image is explored through the work of Patrick McCoy (NI, M) and David O’Mara (IE, M) as well as in a written piece by Ciarán Carson (NI, M). Fintan O’Toole (IE, M) writes on the romantic impression of Ireland available in photobooks internationally, and pieces on communication and advertisement are also featured. Photography from a residency in Berlin by Willie Doherty (NI, M) is included in the New Works section of the magazine, while there are more reviews featured here than there have been in Source for many issues. The cover image is from Patrick McCoy.

Artists and writers in this issue of Source include Willie Doherty (NI, M), Ciarán Carson (NI, M), Patrick McCoy (NI, M), David O’Mara (IE, M), Fintan O’Toole (IE, M), Paul Tebbs (GB, M), Michael Brown (M), Katy Radford (GB, F), Justin Carville (IE, M), Slavka Sverakova (CZ / IE, F), Aaron Kelly (NI, M), Fiona Kearney (IE, F), Nora Donnelly (IE, F), Colin Darke (NI, M), Alannah Hopkin (IE, F), Gregor Schneider (DE, M), Trever Appleson (ZA, M), Javier de la Garza (MX, M), Victor Sloan (NI, M), Franck Allais (FR, M) and Orla Fitzpatrick (IE, F).

Willie Doherty has recently completed a residency at the DAAD museum in Berlin. This resulted in a new set of work about the city. Returning to black and white these night time photographs are suggestive of Berlin prior to the fall of the Wall and an atmosphere of secrecy and surveillance. This is a continuation of his previous concerns familiar from his work produced in Northern Ireland.

‘Found Photography’, particularly that produced by the family is the source for the work of Patrick McCoy and David O’Mara. Paul Tebbs examines the photographs contained in family albums and discusses contemporary artists who incorporate them in their work. He discusses our familiarity with, and simultaneous exclusion from, the images families produce.

Patrick McCoy’s ‘Album’ is made up of photographs found on the streets of Belfast. Ciaran Carson, a poet who has frequently written about the city reflects upon some of the images from the album. An archive of Patrick McCoy’s work is currently being established at the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in Bradford.

Fintan O’Toole has long been interested in the way Ireland has been represented. He has been looking at contemporary photographic books on Ireland produced for the international market and has discovered that while Ireland itself has changed in recent years, a fantastic version of the country is still real to the purchasers of these books.

The power to represent people through advertising and public communication is discussed by Michael Brown and Katy Radford. Based on his own experience working with young people in Kathmandu Michael Brown explores how communication can stimulate a process of change. Meanwhile in Ireland the company Advanced Cosmetic Surgery, through a widespread advertising campaign, has been presenting us with the opportunity to refashion our bodies. Katy Radford and Orla Fitzpatrick have interviewed the people responsible for these advertisements to find out how they sought to make this attractive.

Since the last issue Source has moved to new premises. We hope the quality of service will be maintained.

— The Editors

About the Magazine
Source is a quarterly photography magazine, available in print and as a digital edition, published in Belfast, Northern Ireland. They publish emerging photographic work and engage with the latest in contemporary photography through news, thoughtful features and reviews of the latest exhibitions and books from Ireland and the UK. Their website brings together an archive of writing and pictures from the magazine alongside current features.

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